Vedic Chant - A dance between sound, body, breath and spirit

Vedic Chant

A dance between sound, body, breath and spirit

When we chant, we set up a vibration throughout the body which percolates throughout our entire being. The practice of chanting regulates the breath, increasing capacity, strength and confidence in all ways. In this way Vedic Chant promotes health and wellbeing.

The Veda-s are the foundation of Indian philosophy and the language of the Veda-s is Sanskrit. Chanting in Sanskrit opens the door to a rich meditative process. Vedic chant is a subtle tool that, through sound, promotes change from within.

T. Krishnamacharya, the legendary and influential yogacarya, taught and encouraged all who were interested to experience the joy and power of chanting. Through his son and student TKV Desickachar countless students throughout the world have also benefitted from this fundamental tool of yoga.

I have studied in this tradition and am a qualified teacher of Vedic Chant.

I believe whole heartedly in the wonder and power of chanting and am enthusiastic about continuing to teach Vedic Chant as it has been taught for thousands of years – from teacher to student through the mutual act of listening and repeating, sound by sound, chant by chant.

I continue to study with my teachers Debby Badger and Radha Sundarajaran

“Chanting connects us to our heart” TKV Desikachar

Classes are available one on one, or online - $70 per hour

In group classes - $40 per class and through workshops as advertised

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“The first time I listened to Sally Riddell chant, I received three awarenesses: The awareness of the 'true call of chanting' from her heart. The awareness of the clarity of her pronunciation. The awareness of the depth of her focus/meditation. It is very evident she greatly loves her study of Sanskrit Chanting and therefore we love her offerings. Her chanting definitely has an effect and the effect is transformative and beautiful.”

“ Your voice holds me in the arms of something that feels like absolute strength and at the same time allows me, through my own voice, to find this within myself with grace and ease.”
Dr Diane Hawk

“ I've been studying Vedic chant with Sally since October 2017. She is down to earth, kind and passionate about the subject. Her depth of knowledge and generosity to share has enriched my own yoga practice and enquiry. I encourage teachers and practitioners alike to enrol and commit to attend this course. ”
Kelly Brett

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