Retreats, are adventures for body, mind and spirit. They offer an opportunity to delve deep; to explore, to create, to think.

Retreats take us out of our normal setting, putting us in places that are exciting and new, physically, mentally and emotionally.

They offer us time to restore, time to expand our understanding of ourselves, time to indulge in our personal creativity, and encourage us to take the time to follow our journey of yoga.

Ruby 9 Yoga offers retreats in Australia, India, and around the Asian rim.

Our retreats include yoga and walking (Flinders Ranges – South Australia), yoga and touring (An Indian Odyssey), yoga and writing, yoga and wellness.


Workshops offer an opportunity to explore a little more deeply into particular topics or practices than is possible in a regular class.

Ruby 9 yoga offers workshops into the myriad aspects of yoga, yogic philosophy, Patañjali’s Yoga Sutra-s and Vedic Chant. These workshops may be half a day, a full day, a weekend or a series over a number of weeks.

Sometimes in conjunction with other teachers (from Perth, interstate or international teachers), Sally offers workshops at various locations around Perth (and other locations around Australia).

Retreats & Workshops

Upcoming Workshops & Retreats

June 2024

Pamper in Paradise

 “Pamper in Paradise” A Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Holiday in Bali With ...
03 - 08 Jun
All Day
Gaia Oasis
Abasan Mountain Retreat, Tejakula, BALI
No event found!


“ I’m loving this, I’m just loving it. The discipline of chanting in this way and the magic of finding my voice and the way around these sounds is tantalising and exhilarating. This course of study is wonderful”
Diane Davies

“Thanks again to Sally for a wonderful, nurturing retreat, and for all the love and energy you poured into us in so many ways.”
Tania Whisson

“Thank you for an awesome retreat. An event created and presented with such love and professionalism.”
Robyn Melican

“The retreat was very enjoyable; nourishing my body, mind and soul. Thanks for creating such a beautiful and peaceful retreat experience. I met so many kind hearted people and learned some new skills too.”
Christie Clements Shepard