A Yoga, Creativity and Transformation Retreat in the Flinders Ranges


A Yoga, Creativity and Transformation Retreat in the Flinders Ranges

With Sally Riddell (ruby 9 yoga) and Dr Verity Laughton

WHEN: May 4 ­- 9th 2021

WHERE: Angorichina Station, Blinman
Northern Flinders Ranges
South Australia

COMMITMENT: $2700 single
$2400 share

This sublime retreat offers you time and space to immerse yourself in a remote and extraordinary landscape, connecting with the elements, exploring nature and experiencing  a deep sense personal connection.

Join Sally and Verity for 6 days and 5 nights of yoga, art, writing, exploration and creation delving into the wonders of the amazing Flinders Ranges. This retreat provides an opportunity to engage with your body and mind through yoga and meditation, to explore your creative self through writing and art/craft, to indulge your imagination through story, and to nourish yourself through walking this sacred country. We hope that by immersing yourself in this way, in this place, by engaging with the natural rhythms of the world you will be inspired and transformed. This is a soulful, intimate adventure (6 participants only).

Your booking is confirmed when we have received both your $200 deposit and your signed indemnity forms. Final payment for this retreat is required by February 10th, 2021.


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The Flinders Ranges is a region of astonishing beauty, a landscape of primal magnitude. The earth pulses red and gold, the songs of the land hum through the ground, trees, bushes and grasses. Here the earth holds her own stories – stories in the very rocks, stories of the creatures of this land, stories of the peoples of this land. The day starts crisp and cool with the dawn light. At its end, the fiery sun descends and as the night sky emerges, the brightest of stars fill, layer upon layer, the dark, endless space.


Angorichina Station, a remote station in the Northern Flinders Ranges will be our home and the base from which we will draw inspiration. On some days we will set out to walk and explore the surrounding region. Every new day, each activity and your every footstep holds within it the resonance of eons.

Each day will start with a morning yoga practice with Sally to prepare you for your daily activities. Verity will guide you through daily writing and story- making experiences and writing, exercises. There will be adventures in art, chant, song, dance and imagining. These will be mostly prepared activities but there will be room for spontaneous impulses of creativity. At the end of each day there will be a meditative practice. Under the stars, before bed, Sally or Verity will tell you a story.


Sally Riddell (Ruby 9 Yoga) is a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and teacher of Vedic Chant from Perth, Western Australia who has trained in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. Her inspirational and inclusive practices stem from the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya, following the guidance of her personal teachers T.K.V. Desikachar, his family and the teachers from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. Sally uses all the “tools” of yoga in a way that includes each person in a way that is appropriate for them.

Her personal style of teaching is inspired by the resonance of chant, the wonder of storytelling and the relevance of metaphor.

With an early tertiary education in Fine Art Sally loves creating from the offerings of the natural world as well as through textiles, basket making and drawing.

Sally has led walking and yoga retreats in Western Australia, Spain and India. She is passionate about the power of yoga, Vedic Chant and meditation to guide and inform our daily life and the ways in which our lives intertwine with the rhythms of the natural world.

“Thank you for an amazing weekend of yoga and healing. The Metamorphosis Retreat was very enjoyable; nourishing my mind, body and soul. Sally is a fabulous yoga teacher and catered to all levels of experience. Walking the labyrinth and the amazing food were my highlights.” Toni Limmer

“This was an awesome weekend. A retreat created and presented with such love and professionalism” Robyn Melican

Dr Verity Laughton  is an award-winning Adelaide-based poet and playwright of more than 30 professionally produced works. Her plays have been produced locally, nationally and internationally. Her most recent works are the Verbatim Theatre piece Long Tan, (Brink Production, April 2017), published by Currency Press, and The Red Cross Letters, (STCSA, August 2016), published by australianplays.org.

She completed a PhD in political theatre at Flinders University in 2020. For this she wrote a new play, the epic-scaled Bloodlines, a Polish Memory.  In late 2019/2020 she also completed a four-month project researching and writing a report on the creative industries in the South Australian regions for the Legatus Group, SA. She is a member of the playwrights’ group, 7-ON. Her works have been published by Currency Press, Phoenix Educational, Federation Press and others. She has taught creative writing at community, industry and tertiary level throughout her career.

Verity               Verity               

‘Dr Verity Laughton, who is clearly quite the master of the craft, blowing us away with her deft and fluid ability to create a psychologically thrilling encounter all with the minimal number of brushstrokes.’   Helen Barry Australian Stage

“A rare and pleasurable work that manages technical brilliance, cultural insight and enchantment all in one go.”   Stephen Dunne Sydney Morning Herald


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Angorichina Station’s, Little Paddock Homestead, is just a few kilometres out from the small township of Blinman in the remote Northern Flinders Ranges.

The homestead, built in the 1860’s, is the highest house in South Australia. This lovingly restored and extended home looks out over the magnificent ranges towards Patawarta Hill where Hans Heysen spent much of his time painting and where for thousands of years before that the Adnyamathanha peoples sang and hunted and took care of country.

Little Paddock Homestead has four bedrooms and accommodates six people. The rooms are charming and comfortable.

Each of the rooms has ceiling fans, the bathroom and extra lavatory are beautifully appointed.

Wide verandahs provide for shared or quiet reflective spaces.


Owners Di and Ian are passionate about their corner of the world, keen to make sure that a visit here is comfortable, inspiring and filled with wonder and adventure. They describe their home as “a sun seared wilderness, the Flinders Ranges, an ancient seabed sculpted by millions of years of rain, sun and fracture. A furrowed landscape of deep valleys, casurinas and cypress pines that fall into creeks lined with red gums.” Through this landscape wander creatures large and small,  beautiful creatures so well adapted to this environment.

Homeland country for the Adnyamathanha people, the Flinders Ranges was also a meeting point for a number of Aboriginal tribes and so the region is rich in the songline stories and the landscape holds within it the narrative of these peoples.

There is no mobile phone service at Angorichnia but Optus is available in Blinman.


We offer nourishing, healthy, wholesome food (vegetarian and non vegetarian) that will support you in all activities. (Please let us know of any personal dietary requirements).

Each day will begin with a plentiful, delicious breakfast.

Most lunches will be on the wide, cool verandahs of “Little Paddock’ homestead, There will be a variety of soups and salads, frittatas, breads, dips and fruit. On occasion we may take a picnic lunch with us as we explore the landscape around us.

And in the evening we will enjoy a well-earned, nutritious and delightful dinner.

All meals will be prepared onsite and provided from both the local caterer and our own kitchen. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy.

There will be plenty of water and juice, and a little alcohol for the evening meal if you want it.


Each day will begin with a daily yoga practice and end with a meditation practice. And, each day and each day you will explore the art and craft of writing.

Interspersed throughout your retreat will be art and craft, walking, chant and song.

The days are designed to link you with the land, with your sense of deep spiritual self and to open the doors of your own personal creativity. Each day a new adventure and each night as we sit around the fire pit, a new story under the stars. Creativity and attention that leads to transformation is what the day and the variety of activities will offer.

Sally will guide you through yoga, meditation art and chant practices. Verity is the writing and story specialist. Through her expertise you will explore and develop your writer self.  All practices and activities will awaken ing you to creativity and transformation.

To aid us in this exploration we will walk as a group to Blinman pools. Ryan and Nat will take us on a walk of discovery telling us along the way of the local flora, fauna, geology and stories, and Kristian Coultard will tell us tales of country and from the dreamtime and paint the night skies with stories from between the stars.

The Blinman Mines will provide the backdrop and place for the exploration of sound, chant and song – a sound bath of extraordinary quality. Sally will introduce you to the power and wonder of voice and sound through Vedic Chant and Sound Baths.

Together Sally, Verity, Ryan, Kristian and Nat will weave a web of wonder for your experiences.

The sacredness of our environment infuses every aspect of this retreat.

Some practices will be indoors, others outside. Within the framework of your experience will be times for quiet reflection, occasions for nourishment and transformation for body, mind and spirit.

YOUR INVESTMENT INCLUDES: 5 nights and 6 days

Yoga daily
Meditation daily
Writing daily
Art and craft – materials for activities
Walking through countryside
An evening of star gazing and stories
A tour of the Blinman mine and sound bath within

Any tours or presentations with Ryan, Kristian and Nat

Meals – breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, dinner (special dietary requirements accommodated, please let us know prior to retreat)

Refreshments and limited alcohol

Return to and from Adelaide to Angorichnia Station and to any sites nearby


Optus is the only network available and only in the township of Blinman.

There is no WiFi

Personal Insurance – we recommend that you take out insurance stipulating that you will be hiking in the Flinders Ranges.

Any air fares to and from Adelaide.

Food and drinks in transit between Adelaide and Blinman.

Hiking clothing and boots, walking poles, waterbag, daypack.


Sally holds a current Senior First Aid Certificate and will be carrying a substantial first aid kit.

Emergency phone connections have sufficient range.

Angorichina Station will provide any extra transport should it be needed.

In the event of a medical emergency the there is an ambulance in Hawker (60km away),  emergency services personnel in Leigh Creek and Hawker, and the Royal Flying Doctor service is available.


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We require that you have a reasonable level of fitness, and that any medical issues have been discussed and cleared by your doctor. Sally is happy to discuss this element in more detail if you require.

Attached to our agreement is a medical indemnity form that you must fill in and return to us.

We also require that you sign an acknowledgement of expectations. We will send this to you at your time of booking.

We request that you have insurance and that you provide us with insurance details prior to travelling. Banks often provide insurance for credit card holders. Alternatively you may access an insurance company of your choice.

Your booking is confirmed when we have received both your $200 deposit and your signed indemnity forms. Final payment for this retreat is required by February 10th, 2021.

On booking, we will provide you with a file detailing more information with respect to health, safety, clothing requirements and travel arrangements.

Basically you need to be well prepared with footwear, suitable clothing, and a supply of any medications you may need. A daypack and water container, a hat and rain jacket are also recommended. We are in the outback and you need to be prepared.


A Retreat of Yoga, Writing, Creativity and Transformation

In the Northern Flinders Ranges

May 4 – 9, 2021

$2700 single
$2400 twin share


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May 04 - 09 2021


All Day


$2400 twin share - $2700 single


Northern Flinders Ranges
South Australia