Yogic Meditation

An Introduction to Vedic Chant

A dance between sound, body, breath and spirit


November 27 – December 18 2019
Wednesdays 5.30-6.30pm

WHERE: Guildford (directions given on booking)
Investment: $60

Mantra is finding a place in the hearts of many.

When we chant, we set up a vibration throughout the body which percolates throughout our entire being. The practice of singing, and especially chanting, regulates the breath, increasing capacity, strength and confidence in all ways as well as profoundly effecting our concentration, and mood, and so guides us to a place of such joy.

In this way Vedic Chant promotes health and wellbeing.

This series of four, hour long classes Sally Riddell will introduce students to the fundamentals of chanting from the Veda-s: teaching basic rules, introduce a bit of theory behind why chant is so special, how to pronounce the Sanskrit words, we will work with the tonal qualities and simple pronunciation and explore the effect of the sound and the sensations that arise from chanting in Sanskrit.

We will also discuss the meanings of the simple chants introduced.

These workshops will invite each student to move vocally with the sound and vibration of their own voice, exploring the connection between body, breath, mind and spirit.

Sally is a yoga teacher, therapist and Vedic Chant teacher who has trained in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya through his son, TKV Desikachar, and her Vedic chant teachers Radha Sundarajaran and Debby Badger.

I would love to share my knowledge of the art of Vedic Chanting with you.


27 Nov 2019 - 18 Dec 2019


Weekly on Wednesday
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm




(directions given on booking)