Welcome to Ruby 9 Yoga’s mid year restoration retreat.
We are going to the Margaret River Retreat – July 30 –  August 1

 Numbers are limited to 15 and all accommodation is twin share.


$380        – Self catering. Each cabin has air conditioning, a bathroom and a small kitchen which means that you can prepare your own meals.

$480       – Catered. Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.

You will arrive sometime on Friday afternoon.


4.30-5.30pm welcome and a labyrinth and meditation practice

7-8pm a story before bed.


8-9am āsana practice

10.30-11.15 prāṇāyāma practice

4.30-5.30pm meditation practice

7-8pm story time


8-9.30am āsana and prāṇāyāma

1-2pm Labyrinth and meditation practice and farewell

This retreat not only provides you with an opportunity to restore and revive through yoga practice and through the beauty of nature, but also to guide you towards greater personal awareness in a gentle and supportive manner.

A labyrinth is a walking mandala. You enter the labyrinth through a “gate” and follow the path to it’s centre. The path may twist and turn but it leads to a central point. It is a walking meditation that takes you, symbolically, from the exterior world to your internal heart. It is in the journey to the centre that your work of reflection takes place. Our labyrinth begins with an intention. You walk with this to the centre and leave it there. When we finish the retreat the walking of the labyrinth brings you back to remind you of where and how your intention has led over the course of the retreat.

Āsana practices are those in which your body moves, explores its capacity and range of movement with ease. In these practices you will move dynamically finding where and how you respond to each movement and posture until your muscles and mind share an understanding of where and how you are able to come to a static form. All of the Āsana practices include linking with the breath and focus. All are accessible for everyone. This is a restoration retreat and as such physical practices are gentle, supportive, and nurturing.

Sally has been teaching yoga since 2000 and practicing for much longer. She is also a Yoga Therapist. She is well versed in supporting each student at whatever level and will modify and support every person so that all benefit from each practice.

Prāṇāyāma practices involve working specifically with the breath. These practices will lead you with ease and comfort to the fullness of your breath. A Prāṇāyāma practice builds the breath in a natural way until a specific breathing technique is introduced. Our breath is always our first teacher – it tells us when we are agitated, when we are calm and it is through an awareness of breathing that we build sustainable strength and capacity.

Meditation practices with Sally include a little gentle movement so that the body is eased and ready for stillness. Again the breath helps to support and to provide a point of focus. The intention or concept of the meditation focus is introduced at the start of the practice so that it is natural to stay with that focus for a period of time. These are practices that are rooted in symbolism and ritual. They may involve chant (either Sally chanting or you joining in if you are comfortable to do so) and hand gestures (mudra-s). These practices are deeply nourishing.

Sally is also a storyteller. The stories she tells have their foundations in mythology and the ancient tale and folk stories that have entertained and informed us for eons. These tales hold within them a wisdom and guidance, they reveal and heal in their own magical way. Sitting around a fire, a warm drink in hand, listening to a story before bedtime – what could be better!

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Jul 30 2021 - Aug 01 2021


All Day


Margaret River, WA